Mulberry Mudd

Celebrating the Wild Heart of Wholeness

Rebekah Dawn

what story do I tell you when there are so many

if I could tell only one

would I wrap them together so that the



dead grandmother

electric tracers

pink koi

were all present at the same birth

in the same body

my body

would I tell

how badly I wanted the child


would I tell

how I felt myself dying all around me

as my belly grew

each month pushing me by inches further from my freedom

* * * * *

Once there was a mother

she knew her child would die

if she gave birth on dry land

so she swam across the ocean

through perils too many to name

and found an island

or a turtle shell

to stretch herself on


only a skin width always

from the hungry waves

what she needed was brought

by a heron bearing baskets

filled with

fish skin

chicken liver



ginger water

from these  precious gifts

and croaking song

she built his body piece by piece

an immaculate puzzle

when, at last, the keystone of his lung fell into place

he was born into the water

her son

with grey ocean eyes

with blue sky stare

with green seaweed dancing glance

she held him to her

they wept together

the salt of the sea.