Mulberry Mudd

Celebrating the Wild Heart of Wholeness


Rebekah Dawn

Time out of time.

Epiphany is passed but I am still not ready to emerge into the year.

Give me one more moon
of dark quiet

I hold up

And wait for the sun
And wait for the rain

Taking stock of all the blessings
Taking stock of all the grief

Following the star deeper into
the center of me
The holy manger of my heart

Folding in and in and in

Swelling around an embryonic tremble

The fog is sweet on my skin
My amphibian heart quickens
in the grotto of my torpor

Silver mycelial threads line my nest
sing me the song of roots
The Om chant of the trees

Ravens fly over
Hundreds of them
Croaking a guttural cry

Sycamore branches
naked against their wings
Are capillaries in the sky
A placental mass

And I am busy being born