Mulberry Mudd

Celebrating the Wild Heart of Wholeness

American roots. I thought passionflower was my plant ally 2017. but then cotton showed up in my dreams.

Rebekah Dawn

There was softness
Spun into the thread
Spiraling around the anger and grief
Memories of bloodied fingers and forced wombs.

Acrid and biting
Worming into all my dreams
marrying my hand to the seed
And the seed to the ground

Wasn't that hibiscus blossom
White this morning?
But now at sunset
Dies to red

Like the medicine made from the roots

And look how the flower bud is held in little green prayerful hands




So urgent
With all the time in the world
She gave me her roots

And an ocean of tears

her skin shedding so easily
Too easily
handing off the burden

Turning everything red

Put your hands on your womb
Know the life that stirs
Know the beauty of that life
It's swirling mystery
Fall in love

Know the world you can open
has only cruelty
Only suffering
And in all your love
Close that door
Send the light away from you
To Eternity
And beyond the cruel hands of men.

Let it break your heart
Look at your children
Let it break your heart
The sacrifice of that
A cosmic reed basket
when no flowing water can be found

Wealth was built this way
Our wealth
All of us

American dreams

This story
saturates our soil and waterways

Wonder about our inexpensive textiles

Wonder about how to heal forced wombs and bloody fingers


Who works without sick days?
Our wealth is built upon this back
Who is in shackles?
Oh listen
Who wanting her child can not see how it can be possible?
Wrap her in cotton blankets
The ones your grandmother made

It sounds like roaring wave
a chickadee
The rattle of wind and husk
Let the medicine of ordinary things
Change us
Dredging and deepening

Make us ready to be sanctuaries

How do we heal the demon Greed?
How do we unwind it from the thread
The fabric of society?

Let her softness hold you
And listen